Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Potsdam Calling

Dear Berliners - it´s excursion time! This thursday, 23rd of february, we´ll play in Potsdam at Red Wall Artist Night. Most presumably this will be our last show with our dear fellow Andrew Cook - he´ll be focussing on other projects in the future. Come and have a last listen to the band´s soon-to-be "old formation" after looking at Lisa Wassmann´s photo exhibition "Walking On The Moon". But that doesn´t mean we´re going to give up on synth sounds in the future at all - we found a great person to complement us form now on. For finding out who it is I suggest you wait until we play at pop10, a local Magdeburg TV-show, next week. You´ll be able to watch the show from the 29th of february here.