Donnerstag, 27. August 2009


This is an almost finished track called “Everyday” and a spontanously filmed video, which was made possible by Grand Greta, whom we owe lots of gratitude.


Need to spread my love & vibes across the world,

I need a management
to kick some ass,

I need to sit down and last…

many hours for a thousand listening ears

everyday, everyday, everyday.
No way I can do this by myself

and no way I can trust anybody else

but I need to make these lines
worth more a million times…
before i die.

Sonntag, 1. März 2009

first, best & worst

After more than a year´s work EBP finally achieved their aim – the release of their debut: first, best & worst. There are 500 copies available and if you´re interested in getting one, please contact us. The CD has been produced by Playpad Circus. CD´s are 10€ + shipping. Also available on itunes, amazon and musicload!

1) Storyteller

2) Enlightenment
3) Dark City
4) Sunny Rainday

5) Harmless

6) Celebrating Nothing

7) Florence