Montag, 17. März 2014

FLOP* Metapop Party + Jan Colourful LIVE

For about a year Jan Colourful, has been filing on solo material apart from his band project Evol Bum Pearl, presenting his latest results at selected shows at West Germany and Urban Spree in 2013. 2014 continues in the same spirit: only new material, no songs, just one ongoing popmosphere, radically reduced to guitar, voice and a few effects.

As part of his monthly FLOP* night at HERZ, this will mark the first live-show wihtin Colourful´s conceptual event, at which he´s usually seen and heard DJ-ing. The event will take place next Saturday,  March 22nd, and if you like you can join beforehand via fb here.

*FLOP is instance and chance
it´s a law and a crime
logic and contradiction;
no comparison or competition,
it´s old and new.

the true and only reason to label an era
found refuge in yet another stream of consciousness,
yet another turning around of conditions.
needed and longed for for too long already:
this is FLOP.

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Notstandskomitee Loves You

What a way to start the year! It´s with pure pleasure and excitement, that we may announce: Malte Steiner made a remix of our song "I Love You" with his project Notstandskomitee. Malte and Jan Colourful met in a Neukölln basement in winter 2013. This collaboration is the result of an hour-long talk and their appreciation for each other´s music. Find more Notstandskomitee HERE 
and get an overview of Malte´s work and other projects HERE.