Montag, 13. Februar 2012

EBP winter/spring

Lately we´ve been hiding behind the walls of our studios (and still are) in order to produce our new EP "Four Seasons Of Love". It will contain four selected songs, which were originally intended for our first LP. We figured presenting a few songs to you in advance will keep us from going insane over finishing the longplayer. And presented in the format of a conceptual EP the four songs obtain a collective appearance - each making a peculiar point on the subject of love. Keep yourself posted about the release proceedings.

Furthermore there are two EBP-performances due in this month. On thursday, the 23rd of february, we are going to play at Red Wall Artist Night in Potsdam at the legendary Waschhaus. Lisa Wissmann is presenting her photo-exhibition "Walking On The Moon" - a vernissage not to be missed! And on the 28th we will play at "pop10", a TV-Show in Magdeburg. The show will be broadcast live on local  TV and the internet at 6 pm (and at some point on the Berlin channel AlexTV - we´ll let you know!). You´ll be able to watch the whole show on the internet here from the 29th of february. 

Last but not least: since Andrew is going to leave us in the foreseeable future, we are looking for a Keyboard/Synth-Player, who preferably knows how to play the guitar. If you know someone in the area of Berlin, let us know. We´re glad about any suggestions to